The Final Countdown

As the the proud American I am, I have to write down my thoughts and opinions on the election tomorrow.  I recieved my ballots today, and after marking Obama / Biden I am going to the post-office to get a date and time stamp and to post it. It is as simple as that, and still so important. I could have thought that one vote, a late one at that, can't matter at all, but by doing so, I am actively giving away all right to criticize anything in The United States of America for the next four years to come. And if the outcome is what I hope for, it would not be thanks to me, and any celebration would feel hollow.

Tomorrow night, Swedish time, almost every swedish television-channel will report on the progress of the election and at least one of them will cheer openly when Obama takes the lead and boo at McCain. I have yet to meet a swede who hopes McCain will win. In fact, if McCain does win and become president, USA will probably be the most hated country in the world. A gigantic STUPID-stamp will be put right across every American's forehead. One of those was delivered when Bush got elected for a second term, how could they be so dumb? "Typical American", "stupid Americans" are phrases I hear, well, almost every day and Bush is largely to blame for that. Do we really want another one like him?

I am still proud to be American, although if McCain gets elected I will wonder if I really should be. When I move back to my home-country that I miss so much my heart breaks, I want it to be a better country, a democratic country.

Postat av: Lala

Nu borde du vara nöjd med valutgången.


2008-11-06 @ 21:14:05

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